Žižkovské zahrady
Žižkovské zahrady
Žižkovské zahrady
Žižkovské zahrady
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Žižkovské zahrady

Žižkovské zahrady

Premium city living without compromise

Praha 3 - Žižkov
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About the project

The premium residential project will offer all the advantages of a vibrant place as well as the peace and privacy of its own garden in close proximity to Vítkovský Park.

Žižkovské zahrady are sensitively set on the border of Vítkov Park in their own green garden. Each apartment has a front garden, balcony or terrace with unique views of the nearby parks and the whole of Prague.

Modern & Sustainable

In addition to quality architecture and high standards of design, modern and eco-friendly features such as electric vehicle charging facilities, convenient underground parking, outdoor blinds, heat recovery and water storage for watering greenery are commonplace. In addition, all houses meet B-class energy standards.

Comfortable residential design

A great advantage of living in Žižkov Gardens is the semi-private outdoor corners that invite you to relax. In the common indoor areas, residents of the flats have access to a reception area, a carriage and bike wash for bikes and dogs. Facing Hartig Street, the building will offer a commercial ground floor with services, a café and other shops.

Without compromise

The strategic location and excellent transport accessibility make Žižkov Gardens a place where you can get anywhere quickly and comfortably.

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Get to know the surroundings of Žižkovské zahrady

Get to know the surroundings of Žižkovské zahrady

Fall in love with a place that is full of life and vibrant energy, while offering a private space away from everything and everyone. Whenever you want, Žižkov Gardens will become your personal oasis in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city.

Get to know the surroundings of Žižkovské zahrady
Get to know the surroundings of Žižkovské zahrady
Get to know the surroundings of Žižkovské zahrady


The popular location in Prague's Žižkov district, just a few steps from Vítkov Park, allows you to enjoy the peace and greenery without having to leave the comfort of the city. The adjacent parks and outdoor sports facilities offer sports and recreational activities, while culture, restaurants and all amenities are within easy reach.

Green parks

In the immediate vicinity of the project is the Vítkov Park. The Krejcárek forest and the Židovské pece and Parukářka parks are also within walking distance.

Public transport 10 minutes to the centre

Thanks to bus and tram stops, you can be in Karlín, Flora or right in the centre of Prague in a few minutes.

Shops and restaurants

In the nearby Atrium Flóra shopping centre you will find everything under one roof, including a multiplex cinema.

Pražačka sports complex

Everyone who wants to play football, basketball, volleyball, netball, tennis, work out in the gym, swim or try athletic training will find their place here.