Purchase process

Selection of properties and spoken reservations

Choosing a property is a major step in one’s life and one that requires careful consideration. It should not be rushed. That’s why we offer a preliminary reservation: once you request one, we will stop offering your chosen property to other parties for three days while you take your time to reach a decision.

Reservation agreement

Once you have decided to purchase your chosen property, you will be offered the reservation agreement that also includes a reservation fee of CZK 100,000. The fee is payable within five days of the signing of the agreement. It is later counted towards the purchase price.

Pre-purchase agreement

Within a month of the signing of the reservation agreement, we will contact you with the pre-purchase agreement. Once signed, you will have 10 days to pay an amount equal to 20% of the total purchase price of the chosen property (the previously paid reservation fee is counted towards this amount).

Selection of furnishing standard

A date will be specified by which you will be able to visit the customer centre and select the desired furnishing standard from a range of choices.

Client customisations

Everybody has their own idea of what their home should look like. With us, you can have your ideas implemented as early as the project stage. Once you have signed the pre-purchase agreement and paid the first purchase price instalment, you can request your desired modifications, i.e. changes, replacements and/or adjustments to the standard furnishings.

Purchase agreement

The remaining 80% of the purchase price is due only after the final approval is granted for the project, and prior to the signing of the purchase agreement. The purchase agreement is therefore signed by both parties after the full purchase price has been paid. If a mortgage is used, the process is as follows: payment of the amount funded by the buyer, signing of the mortgage agreements, and payment of the amount funded by the mortgage, finally followed by the signing of the purchase agreement. As a bonus for our clients, we offer an advantageous payment schedule in the form of a discount available to clients who pay more than the required 20% as the first instalment. Jako bonus pro naše klienty nabízíme individuální možnost financování. Tato forma individuálního platebního kalendáře spočívá v poskytnutí procentuální slevy našim klientům v případě, že složí první zálohu z kupní ceny vyšší než 20 %.

Technical review

A few months (usually two or three) ahead of the final handover of the property, we will meet to conduct what is called a “technical review”. The purpose of the review is to check for any defects or shortcomings in time for them to be rectified before you move in.

Property handover

That’s it! At this point, you will have completed the journey of purchasing your own property. For the final time, we will check the apartment together, deal with any outstanding paperwork and hand you the keys to your new home. The rest is entirely up to you!

We can help you with the financing

Our over-riding aim is to ensure the satisfaction of our clients. That is why we, under the roof of a single company, offer a comprehensive range of sales and financing services that will save you both time and money.

Hypoteční specialista

Ivana Vlčková

  • Zero mortgage processing fee
  • Arranging a property valuation is a matter of course
  • We handle all the paperwork with the bank and the land registry office
  • Lowest interest rate
  • All our services are free of charge for our clients
  • As a bonus, we offer the possibility of withdrawing from the concluded reservation contract in case of non-approval of the mortgage loan secured by us, without penalty, including the refund of the reservation fee