We enjoy our work and it shows in everything we do

We enjoy our work and it shows in everything we do

We strive to build homes that will provide the perfect setting for the best parts of your life stories, homes to enjoy living in. It is out desire to make the simple act of returning home a joyous moment. Take this as our pledge.

Over the years of doing business in the sphere of residential housing development, CPI Rezidence has firmly asserted its position as among the most prominent investors and developers in the Czech Republic, with dozens of completed projects, thousands of sold residential properties and scores of awards from prestigious competitions.

Over 30 years in the business speak for us

  • 27 completed projects

    The quality of our work has been recognised with a number of awards from prestigious real estate competitions.

  • 8 077 apartments and houses

    Thousands of satisfied clients have found their homes in our development projects.

  • Layouts

    We build homes of all sizes, from single-room-and-a-kitchenette properties to generous four-room-and-a-kitchenette homes.

  • Design, quality, functionality

    We select standards so that they always fit with the project concept.

  • Innovation and sustainability

    We use modern materials and we recycle. We also revitalise areas adjacent to our projects and we always act with due consideration for the environment.

Homes you will fall in love with

We are building our projects in locations that take advantage of all the benefits of a city.

Great transport accessibility

Thanks to public transport in the immediate vicinity of the project, you can easily get everywhere you need to go.

Nature within reach

Escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and relax in the greenery offered by the adjacent parks and public spaces.

Civic amenities

Smaller shops and shopping centres, schools, or plenty of sporting opportunities are always a short walk from home.

We are environmentally responsible and focus on environmental friendliness.

Sustainable solutions

As a developer, we are responsible and seek environmentally sustainable solutions, which is why we are a member of the Green Building Council (CzGBC) as a CPIPG group.

Environmental responsibility

Respect for resources, use of modern materials, waste minimization and revitalization of the surrounding area are a matter of course.


Wherever possible, our projects work with rainwater harvesting, planting greenery, creating water bodies and promoting alternative modes of transport.

Our projects are distinguished by thoughtful architecture and precise interior design that make life more enjoyable.

Functional layout

The basis of every apartment is a sophisticated layout with efficient use of space.

Quality standards

You always have a choice of standards in several colours with elegant design furnishings.

Public and community spaces

Residential terraces, green courtyards or parks in our projects support community life.

Meet the team behind our projects

Sales Director

Milena Zavadilová

Sales Manager

Nane Chobanyan

Sales specialist

Markéta Urbanová

Project Manager

Jan Musil


Lukáš Brynda

Project Manager

Pavel Caha

Hypoteční specialista

Ivana Vlčková

Team Support

Lucie Špínová

We are part of the CPI Property Group

We are part of the CPI Property Group

CPI Rezidence is part of CPI Property Group, the biggest property owner in the Czech Republic, Berlin and the wider region of Central and Eastern Europe.