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Praha 10 - Hostivař
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About the project

Upcoming project at the interface of Prague 10 and 15.

Over several stages of realisation, the Zahraďák 17 project will produce 16 apartment houses with approximately 1,000 apartments of a timeless design. Emphasising efficient use of space, the properties will offer a range of configurations. The apartments will feature a terrace, balcony or small garden. They will come with a reserved parking space and a basement storage booth.

Commuting to and from the city in minutes

The nearest tram station is more or less in front of the apartment houses while the nearest metro station, Skalka, is a mere 1.5 km away, reachable within minutes. Ramps on and off the inner city ring road are virtually within sight. Also nearby are train stations Hostivař and Zahradní Město, a new station.

Public space with playgrounds and a gym

Many free-time activities of the residents will gravitate towards the natural centre of the neighbourhood, the fenced multifunctional sports facility. It will include elements suitable for children of all ages as well as exercise stations for adult workouts.

Green home

The whole neighbourhood will be planted with more than a hundred trees and several thousand decorative plants and shrubs. Each of the apartment houses will be fitted with an underground retention tank to collect rainwater to be reused for watering greenery.

Good address for a happy life

Good address for a happy life

The boundary area between the quarters of Zahradní Město and Hostivař enjoys all the benefits of city life, such as excellent accessibility and the proximity of shopping centres and sports facilities. At the same time, there is no compromise when it comes to keeping in touch with nature and opportunities for relaxation, fun and education. It’s all in a single package at the large Hostivař park.

Good address for a happy life
Good address for a happy life
Good address for a happy life


A shopping centre, a large natural park with an artificial lake, popular sports centre Hamr, Hostivař golf course, bike trails and healthcare facilities are all within easy reach: the residential project Zahraďák 17 has things covered from every angle.

50 m

Tram station - Sídliště Zahradní Město

1,1 km

Train station - Zahradní Město

1,5 km

Hostivař dam

1 km

VIVO! Hostivař