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Comfortable living in Letňany

Rezidence Malkovského represents housing in the popular locality of Prague 9 – Letňany on Malkovského Street. The block of flats with 13 storeys offers 59 flats with well-designed layouts ranging in size from one-room to expansive four-room flats.

It is a location with every civic amenity and excellent accessibility. You will find a modern and quiet building here with many opportunities for leisure activities.


Project milestones

  • Project preparation

  • Sales launch

  • Construction

  • Rough construction

  • Interior plastering

  • Approval - 12/2023

  • Move in - 1/2024

Price list

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Mark Disposition Floor
Total area
Cellar P. Lot.
Price incl. VAT
Status Contact Info
M.01.1 2+kk 1.GF 64,1 m² - 93,9 m² - - 7 486 500 CZK FREE PDF
M.01.2 2+kk 1.GF 62,0 m² - 100,2 m² - - SOLD PDF
M.01.3 2+kk 1.GF 60,2 m² - 7,0 m² - - SOLD PDF
M.01.4 1+kk 1.GF 31,2 m² - - - - SOLD PDF
M.01.5 1+kk 1.GF 30,9 m² - - - - SOLD PDF
M.02.1 2+kk 2.GF 56,8 m² 12,0 m² - - - SOLD PDF
M.02.2 3+kk 2.GF 90,7 m² 21,4 m² - 9 870 950 CZK FREE PDF
M.02.3 2+kk 2.GF 60,4 m² 15,2 m² - - - SOLD PDF
M.02.4 1+kk 2.GF 31,3 m² 3,5 m² - - - - SOLD PDF
M.02.5 2+kk 2.GF 59,1 m² 4,1 m² - - - SOLD PDF
M.03.1 2+kk 3.GF 56,6 m² 7,9 m² - - - SOLD PDF
M.03.2 3+kk 3.GF 90,7 m² 20,3 m² - - SOLD PDF
M.03.3 2+kk 3.GF 60,4 m² 15,3 m² - - - SOLD PDF
M.03.4 1+kk 3.GF 31,3 m² 3,5 m² - - - SOLD PDF
M.03.5 2+kk 3.GF 59,1 m² 4,1 m² - - - SOLD PDF
M.04.1 2+kk 4.GF 56,6 m² 7,9 m² - - - SOLD PDF
M.04.2 3+kk 4.GF 90,7 m² 20,3 m² - 9 906 500 CZK FREE PDF
M.04.3 2+kk 4.GF 60,4 m² 15,3 m² - - - SOLD PDF
M.04.4 1+kk 4.GF 31,3 m² 3,5 m² - - - SOLD PDF
M.04.5 2+kk 4.GF 59,1 m² 4,1 m² - - - SOLD PDF
M.05.1 2+kk 5.GF 56,6 m² 7,9 m² - - - SOLD PDF
M.05.2 3+kk 5.GF 90,7 m² 20,3 m² - - SOLD PDF
M.05.3 2+kk 5.GF 60,4 m² 15,3 m² - - - SOLD PDF
M.05.4 1+kk 5.GF 31,3 m² 3,5 m² - - - SOLD PDF
M.05.5 2+kk 5.GF 59,1 m² 4,1 m² - - - SOLD PDF
M.06.1 2+kk 6.GF 56,6 m² 7,9 m² - - - SOLD PDF
M.06.2 3+kk 6.GF 90,7 m² 20,3 m² - 9 890 400 CZK FREE PDF
M.06.3 2+kk 6.GF 61,0 m² 8,7 m² - - - - SOLD PDF
M.06.4 2+kk 6.GF 51,5 m² - 13,4 m² - SOLD PDF
M.07.1 2+kk 7.GF 56,6 m² 7,9 m² - - SOLD PDF
M.07.2 3+kk 7.GF 90,3 m² 8,7 m² - - SOLD PDF
M.07.3 2+kk 7.GF 61,1 m² 8,7 m² - - - - SOLD PDF
M.07.4 2+kk 7.GF 51,3 m² 5,8 m² - - SOLD PDF
M.08.1 2+kk 8.GF 56,6 m² 7,9 m² - - SOLD PDF
M.08.2 3+kk 8.GF 90,3 m² 8,7 m² - - SOLD PDF
M.08.3 2+kk 8.GF 61,1 m² 8,7 m² - - - - SOLD PDF
M.08.4 2+kk 8.GF 51,3 m² 5,8 m² - - SOLD PDF
M.09.1 2+kk 9.GF 56,6 m² 7,9 m² - - SOLD PDF
M.09.2 3+kk 9.GF 90,3 m² 8,7 m² - - SOLD PDF
M.09.3 3+kk 9.GF 93,4 m² 8,7 m² - - SOLD PDF
M.09.4 2+kk 9.GF 51,3 m² 5,8 m² - - SOLD PDF
M.10.1 2+kk 10.GF 56,6 m² 7,9 m² - - SOLD PDF
M.10.2 3+kk 10.GF 90,3 m² 8,7 m² - - SOLD PDF
M.10.3 3+kk 10.GF 93,4 m² 8,7 m² - - SOLD PDF
M.10.4 2+kk 10.GF 51,3 m² 5,8 m² - - SOLD PDF
M.11.1 2+kk 11.GF 56,6 m² 7,9 m² - - SOLD PDF
M.11.2 3+kk 11.GF 90,3 m² 8,7 m² - - SOLD PDF
M.11.3 3+kk 11.GF 93,4 m² 8,7 m² - 9 913 975 CZK FREE PDF
M.11.4 2+kk 11.GF 51,3 m² 5,8 m² - - SOLD PDF
M.12.1 2+kk 12.GF 56,6 m² 7,9 m² - - - SOLD PDF
M.12.2 4+kk 12.GF 117,0 m² 17,4 m² 6,3 m² - SOLD PDF
M.12.3 2+kk 12.GF 57,5 m² 14,7 m² - - SOLD PDF
M.12.4 1+kk 12.GF 45,1 m² - 4,9 m² - - SOLD PDF
M.13.1 1+kk 13.GF 37,3 m² - 13,3 m² - - SOLD PDF
M.13.2 4+kk 13.GF 119,4 m² - 28,3 m² - SOLD PDF
M.13.3 2+kk 13.GF 54,9 m² - 12,3 m² - SOLD PDF
M.06.5 1+kk 6.GF 31,6 m² - - - - - SOLD PDF
M.07.5 1+kk 7.GF 31,7 m² - - - - - SOLD PDF
M.08.5 1+kk 8.GF 31,7 m² - - - - SOLD PDF
Warning: None of the project website’s content, including the purchase prices with VAT, constitute a proposal to enter into a contract (reservation, preliminary purchase, or purchase contract) to purchase any of the residential units promoted on the website. The purchase prices indicated are not final. Rezidence Malkovského, a.s., reserves the right to adjust the prices. The purchase price will be agreed in a binding manner upon the conclusion of a contract (reservation, preliminary purchase, or purchase contract). In accordance with the commercial terms and conditions of Rezidence Malkovského, a.s., entering into a contract is not permitted via electronic communication. Any of the contracts referred to above may be concluded only in writing with holographic signatures of the contracting parties or their respective representatives appended. Project visualisations presented on the website are for illustrative purposes only. They may differ from the final design.



Why Rezidence Malkovského


Designed with the highest care and emphasis on comfortable living with efficient use of space.


With complex civic amenities and many opportunities for leisure.


Bus stops near the house, metro station C Letňany less than 11 minutes by bus.

Very energy-efficient living

The energy performance of a Group B building guarantees lower energy costs for your homes.

Common residence terrace with greenery

It creates a pleasant place for neighbourhood meetings, relaxation and rest.

Quality and timeless standards

Quality laminate floors, large-format tiles in several colours or elegant design sanitary elements are the basis.

Available apartments

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The quality of each apartment stems from a clever layout. Standard furnishings include high-quality laminated flooring, large-format tiling in a selection of colours, highly elegant plumbing fixtures.


Client changes

After concluding the Preliminary Purchase Contract and paying the first down-payment on the purchase price, the future owners of the flats can arrange for any client changes. A client change is a change, substitution or modification of the standard design of the flat.

The changes can involve the layout (e.g., a change in the placement of the partition walls, movement of the doors, a change of the type and placement of the bathroom fixtures), modifications to the plumbing and electrical wiring or changes to the surfaces and furnishings of the flat (e.g., a change of tiling in the bathroom or WC, flooring in the other rooms, interior and entrance doors, fittings and faucets, etc.).

The flat standards and defined deluxe standards are presented in the client centre. For more demanding clients, trained employees of selected suppliers are prepared in showrooms for the selection of deluxe fittings. Thus, clients will be able to choose, examine and even try out the materials for themselves.

The scope and possibilities of the client changes have to be negotiated in advance by a specific date with a client change specialist, who will subsequently write up a Change Protocol, have the changes valued and then conclude a Supplement to the Preliminary Purchase Contract with the buyer. Then all that is left to do is pay the relevant amount for those changes by the deadline in the contract and look forward to a flat that will correspond to the clients’ wishes. A condition for the issue of an implementation order and the implementation of any client changes is their payment. The deadline for the payment of the relevant amount for the client changes is specified in the Contract.

More information about client changes is given in the Client Change Rules, which are an Appendix to the Preliminary Purchase Contract.


Payment conditions

(1) The Oral Reservation is the first step when choosing a specific flat, or a cellar stall and garage parking spot.  We are aware that the selection of a flat is not an easy matter and always requires the necessary time for assessment. The Oral Reservation gives the client rime to consider and weigh all the pluses and minuses when choosing a specific flat, floor or orientation. The Oral Reservation is possible for 3 days.

(2) The Reservation Agreement is the second step, which ensures the reservation of a specific flat, in this case for a longer period of time than in the case of the Oral Reservation.

The reservation fee amounts to CZK 100,000 and it is payable within 5 days from the signing of the Reservation Agreement. In the case of the conclusion of a Preliminary Purchase Contract, it is subsequently counted towards the first down-payment of the purchase price. The Reservation Agreement already works with a specific choice of a unit (a flat or a cellar stall and garage parking spot) and the Appendix to the Agreement is the qualitative standard of the project, the rules of the payment schedule and the framework text of the Preliminary Purchase Contract, which will be concluded in the following step.

(3) The Preliminary Purchase Contract is the next step after the Reservation Agreement. Before the reservation period specified in the Reservation Agreement expires, the buyer is sent a “Call for the Conclusion of a Preliminary Contract”. This Contract resolves, inter alia, the actual financing of the subject of the purchase and a payment schedule is also an integral part. The conclusion of this Contract is followed by the first down-payment of the negotiated purchase price in the amount of 15% of the purchase price. This payment includes the already-paid reservation fee in the amount of CZK 100,000. We also allow clients to apply “client changes” as part of this Contract. These changes enable, for example, the final construction of the flat with other than standard surfaces, changes to the bathrooms, layout changes and other modifications that increase the standard and comfort of living and differentiate each individual flat from the others. The second and last payment in the Preliminary Purchase Contract payment schedule amounts to 85% of the purchase price. This payment is made after the completion and final approval of the construction, but before the actual Purchase Contract. It is also possible to use a mortgage loan for this payment. We offer the arrangement of a mortgage loan or other loan products as part of our comprehensive services. We cooperate with most banks providing mortgage loans and thus the path to financing a new flat is much easier and shorter for our clients.

(4) The Purchase Contract is concluded after the completion of the flats (specifically including the entry of the owner’s declaration of the completed flat in the land register), the final approval of the building and the full payment of the purchase price. In the event of the payment of the purchase price using a mortgage loan, we require the submission of the loan agreement and mortgage agreements before concluding the Purchase Contract.

The clients are informed in a timely manner on the basis of the receipt of a “Call to Sign the Purchase Contract and Pay the Purchase Price” and they are also invited for a tour of the property.

The final step after signing the Purchase Contract is handing over your new flat for you to enjoy.


Everything you need
for a happy living

All amenities right in the place of living, nature within easy reach and plenty of sports and other opportunities for spending free time - that's Letňany.

Today, Letňany combines an older area of villas with the original housing estates, newly-built housing complexes and also a newly-built infrastructure containing a shopping centre with a multiplex cinema, sports complex with a swimming pool, hockey and tennis hall, and schools and preschools. 


The nearby Letňany Park, Ďáblice Grove and the Chateau Park in Čakovice offer an abundance of space for rest and relaxation. In Rezidence Malkovského, you will have everything you need close at hand.

Bus station Sídliště Letňany
Bus station Ivančovická
Letňany Shopping centre
Jungle Sport park
Forest park Letňany
MŠ Malkovského
ZŠ Fryčovická
Letňanská terasa

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