Date 1. 8. 2023

The rough construction of the first building of the KLBNV Park in Vysočany is completed. The shape of its green courtyard is also known

The rough construction of the first building of the KLBNV Park in Vysočany is completed. The shape of its green courtyard is also known

The KLBNV Park residential project has reached a significant milestone, the completion of the rough construction of the first phase, which can boast 129 units sold. A total of six unique apartment buildings with their own park will be built here, which is expected to be a key asset for pleasant living. Its design has just been finally approved in recent days and is now available to the general public. The design was developed in cooperation with experts from Atelier Flera. The first part of the park will be completed in parallel with Building C, i.e. in the second quarter of 2024.

"The intention was to create a space where comfortable and safe living under the treetops meets playfulness and a willingness to co-create a community proud to live in this environment. The park will be a green oasis in the city, a place of tranquility but also a lovely artistic exaggeration. We want visitors to feel relaxed in the shared park and want to contemplate or just laugh," explains Ferdinand Leffler, chief architect of Atelier Flera.

The forward thinking, imagination and courage to try new things typical of Emil Kolben, Nikola Tesla and Thomas Alva Edison are reflected in the individual elements used throughout the space. On the main axis of the courtyard, three pergolas with coloured transparent coverings will be placed, casting colourful shadows in shades of yellow, green and red on the residences. The latter is unique in that the intensity of its lighting will be adapted to the amount of electricity generated by park visitors pedalling on a connected exercise bike.

The central part of the park will feature water features, a promenade, a playground and specific interactive elements. Colours and electricity are the dominant motif here and are also reflected in the choice of unusual transparent furnishings linked to lighting devices. There will also be coloured LED strips installed in the pavement for a spectacular evening atmosphere. A pleasant stay in the courtyard of the residence will be ensured by the planting of trees, which will mirror the seasonal variability and provide comfortable shade for visitors during the summer months. Children and pets alike can enjoy the refreshment and endless fun of splashing in the pavement and misters increasingly encountered in plazas and other public spaces.

"The cooperation with Atelier Flera has worked well for us in the past. We appreciate his high professionalism, but also his effort to understand the essence of each of our projects, philosophy and setting in the surrounding environment. People and their diverse needs are certainly at the centre of the KLBNV Park courtyard design. Our priority was to maintain privacy for the users of the front gardens, but also to provide a generous space for community neighbourhood gatherings for all age groups," adds Milena Zavadilová, Sales Director of CPI Rezidence.

With the completion of the rough construction, the new building has already taken its final shape and will continue to undergo interior craftsmanship and exterior finishing activities. "We are now working on the brickwork of the internal partitions, installing windows, networks and technology, while work is also underway on the external infrastructure, such as connections and networks. After that, we will reach the imaginary finale, when, in addition to the roof and facade, we will start finishing the internal works, building the surrounding infrastructure and begin landscaping the park and greenery in cooperation with Atelier Flera," comments CPIPG project manager Jan Musil.


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Date 28. 2. 2024
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Date 4. 10. 2023
-3 % of the purchase price of the apartment

We are pleased to inform you that if the currently discussed government proposal to reduce VAT for flats up to 120 m2 from 15% to 12% is approved and comes into force on 1 January 2024, we will apply this 3% reduction in the purchase price to the flat you buy from us this year.