The new park in Březiněves was officially opened to the public

The park on the square by the playground has been completely revitalized in the past months and yesterday it was officially handed over to the management of the Prague-Březiněves Municipality by the investor of the residential project Family Houses Březiněves, CPI Property Group.

The event took place in the presence of Mayor Jiří Haramul and the residents of Březiněves, for whom it is intended to serve as a place for rest, meeting and development of the local community. The design was created in cooperation with experts from Atelier Flera.

"We are extremely pleased that CPI Property Group is not only thinking about how to build high-quality and architecturally valuable family houses, but is also interested in ensuring that the local people live well, that strong community ties are formed in the residential area and that local children grow up in a healthy and beautiful environment. We appreciate the fact that we share common values in this respect," said the Mayor of Březiněves, Jiří Haramul, immediately after the symbolic handover of the park.

The park is located in the area bounded by Na Poli, Mikanových, Johanitská and Skřivánčí streets. It will be available to all residents of the district, who can meet, relax or just enjoy the unique combination of planting, characteristic of the work of Atelier Flera. According to the mayor, the wishes of the local residents, who repeatedly mentioned the absence of such a feature at joint meetings with the municipality, have been heard. The completed park represents the imaginary last piece of the new residential area, which now consists of 115 family houses, a playground and a new park with elements for social gathering and relaxation.

"The construction of the residential project is just the beginning for us. It was how the local residents used the open public space that showed us the direction to take in the design and implementation of the new park. So we can say that it is basically tailored to the needs and expectations of Březiněves residents, and we are delighted to be able to offer them a beautiful place to spend time together and thus contribute to improving the quality of life in this part of town," adds Milena Zavadilová, Director of Sales at CPI Rezidence.

The park looks like a green oasis with large-rooted trees, dozens of shrubs and multi-stemmed trees and beds with wild perennials and bulbs. There are also edible shrubs such as the toadflax. It meets both the strictest requirements for the comfort of use and the safety of the youngest children. A central resting area with a pair of dining tables and benches is available for gatherings of the inhabitants of Březiněves. As is usual with Atelier Flera's projects, the most natural impression and efficient water management were also kept in mind - the park is bordered by a series of natural clay paths that retain water to the maximum extent possible.