Why buy a home from CPI Rezidence

We enjoy our work and it shows in everything we do. We pay equally close attention to architectural design, the quality of materials and workmanship, and the selection of locations for our projects. We strive to build homes that will provide the perfect setting for the best parts of your life stories, homes to enjoy living in. It is out desire to make the simple act of returning home a joyous moment.
Take this as our pledge.


30 years in the business speak for us

30 years of experience<br class="no-mobile" />mluví za nás.

Over the years of doing business in the sphere of residential housing development, CPI Rezidence has firmly asserted its position as among the most prominent investors and developers in the Czech Republic, with dozens of completed projects, thousands of sold residential properties and scores of awards from prestigious competitions.

Homes you will fall in love with

Homes you will<br class="no-mobile">fall in love with

We are well aware that the right location is an essential component of what makes a happy home. All our projects therefore make the most of what the city has to offer, such as excellent accessibility by various means of transport, a full complement of amenities within easy reach, plenty of nearby sports facilities and short distances to green areas in which to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city.


Efficacy, environmental friendliness and energy efficiency

Efficacy, environmental friendliness<br class="no-mobile"> and energy efficiency

They are the three cornerstones of our business. With each project, we strive to move up a notch in energy efficiency and environmental friendliness.

As a developer, we act responsibly and we seek sustainable solutions. That is why the whole of CPIPG is a member of the Czech Green Buildings Council.

We consider cautious use of resources a matter of course and that is why we use advanced materials whenever possible. In realising our projects, we also strive to minimise the production of waste and we always revitalise our construction sites. Whenever projects allow, we make use of rainwater and plant greenery, create ponds and support alternative means of transport.

Beauty is in the detail


The high level of sophistication shows through not only in the architectural designs of our projects but also in the attention to detail in interiors. We honour the maxim that details combine to form the whole. And we also know that they can make life that much more enjoyable.

Beauty is in the detail

Every apartment begins with a carefully worked-out layout that makes most of the space available. However, an efficient layout would be just half the job done without high-quality design.

Standard furnishings include resilient floors, large-format tiling in a choice of several colours, and elegant, designer bathroom fixtures.

Our standard furnishing never gets old and should you wish to opt for above-standard customisations, your choices are virtually unlimited.


We can help you
with the financing

Our over-riding aim is to ensure the satisfaction of our clients. That is why we, under the roof of a single company, offer a comprehensive range of sales and financing services that will save you both time and money.

When using our bank-independent mortgage advisor, you will gain many advantages compared to direct communication with the bank.


What makes us unique

31 years

on the market

We have completed dozens of projects in the most prestigious locations.


27 completed projects

The quality of our work has been recognised with a number of awards from prestigious real estate competitions.


apartments and houses

Thousands of satisfied clients have found their homes in our development projects.


We build homes of all sizes, from single-room-and-a-kitchenette properties to generous four-room-and-a-kitchenette homes.

Furnishing standards

Our material selections always match the overall spirit of each project. Above all, we emphasise design, quality and utility.


We use modern materials and we recycle. We also revitalise areas adjacent to our projects and we always act with due consideration for the environment.

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