Sales of the Žižkovské zahrady project officially underway

We have officially launched sales of its new Žižkovské zahrady development project, which will offer premium living with 210 apartment units with layouts ranging from 1+kk to 6+kk in the heart of Prague’s popular Žižkov district. Construction will begin in the second half of the year and completion is set for the end of 2026.

“Žižkovské zahrady will be built on the very edge of Vítkov in its own green garden. In addition to that, every apartment unit will have its own green or standard terrace or balcony, most of them with a view of Prague or nearby parks. Thanks to this, we will offer residents a unique combination of pulsating urban life and peace and quiet just outside their door,” explains Milena Zavadilová, head of the CPI Rezidence sales department.

The final form of the project bears the signature of the MS architekti studio under the leadership of chief architect Michal Šourek. “Žižkovské zahrady sensitively and respectfully responds to the historical development of the area and, at the same time, fully reflects the character of the local built-up area. The building extends toward Vítkov Park, with which it optically connects. In the opposite direction toward ulice Hartigova, the project will offer commercial premises accessible from the square, thus creating a commercial parterre complemented with an arbour,” says architect Michal Šourek, describing the key characteristics of the project.

In CPI Rezidence’s latest project, emphasis is placed on high-quality architectural execution and the use of advanced construction technologies. The project will also include a full range of elements that support the environmentally friendly nature of the development, such as preparations for electric vehicles, underground parking, outdoor blinds, recuperation and water accumulation for irrigating the greenery. the project fulfils the Class B energy standards.

The whole concept Žižkovské zahrady is based on the idea of building a peaceful environment against the backdrop of urban bustle within reach of the very centre of the metropolis. Therefore, another pleasant attribute of the residence will be semi-private outdoor nooks that lend themselves to relaxation. In the common interior spaces, there is expected to be a full range of services that will increase the comfort and convenience of apartment owners, who will have access to a reception, a pram room and bike room with a washing facility for bicycles and dogs.

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