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Don't miss the unique opportunity to get your dream apartment in Kolbenova Park project at a more attractive price. In May, we have prepared a special offer, thanks to which you can get a discount of up to CZK 100,000 including VAT on apartments from the C3 and C4 entrances. For more information, please contact our sales department by phone (+420) 602 226 156 or email prodej@cpipg.com

About the project

  • Number of flats: 245
  • Location: Prague 9 - Vysočany
  • Completion of construction of first stage: 3Q/2024

Kolbenova Park is a new residential neighbourhood with its own public park adjacent to Vysočanská station on Prague Metro line B. A mere 15 minutes from the city centre, a modern and tranquil home can be found amid a full complement of services in a traditional yet dynamically developing city district.

Flats for sale *

265 out of 120 flats already sold - book your new home today!


Property ID Layout Floor Total Area Balcony Terrace Cellar Parking pl. Ozeleněná terasa Price inc. VAT State Contact
C1.01.01 1+kk 1FL 54.4 m² - - - - 6 664 600 CZK Available PDF
C1.01.02 2+kk 1FL 57.6 m² 3.5 m² 27.6 m² - 27.6 m² 8 289 550 CZK Available PDF
C1.01.04 2+kk 1FL 55.7 m² - 65.0 m² - 65.0 m² 8 648 350 CZK Available PDF
C1.01.05 2+kk 1FL 56.4 m² - 65.0 m² - 65.0 m² 8 733 450 CZK Available PDF
C1.01.06 3+kk 1FL 86.3 m² - 97.5 m² 97.5 m² 12 290 688 CZK Available PDF
C2.01.01 2+kk 1FL 59.9 m² 3.8 m² - - - - 7 279 263 CZK Available PDF
C2.01.02 1+kk 1FL 38.6 m² 3.8 m² - - - - 5 094 938 CZK Available PDF
C2.01.04 3+kk 1FL 86.3 m² - 97.4 m² 97.3 m² 12 302 532 CZK Available PDF
C2.01.05 1+kk 1FL 56.7 m² - 67.5 m² - - 67.4 m² 8 424 900 CZK Available PDF
C2.01.06 1+kk 1FL 56.4 m² - 35.8 m² - - 35.8 m² 7 847 600 CZK Available PDF
C2.01.07 2+kk 1FL 63.9 m² - 51.6 m² - - 51.5 m² 8 679 050 CZK Available PDF
C2.01.08 2+kk 1FL 60.1 m² 3.6 m² - - - 7 740 031 CZK Available PDF
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Vysočany - an excellent place for living

In several stages of construction, some 1000 modern apartments will be created in six apartment houses. Most of the apartments will include a balcony, terrace or green terrace, a reserved parking space and a basement storage cubicle. The first stage of the Kolbenova Park project offers no less than 245 apartments in four to seven-storey building featuring a quiet, semi-private inner courtyard opening into a park.

Benefits of the KLBNV PARK

  • Large inner-block park
  • Short distance to the public transport stops
  • Plenty of parking space
  • Restaurants and services
  • Energy-efficinet living
  • Generous roof terraces on top flors
  • Green terraces on the ground floor
  • Architect and mortgage specialist services
  • All civic amenities in the area

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