Client customisations

Following the signing of the preliminary contract and payment of the first advance payment towards the purchase price, future owners may request customisations. Client customisations entail changes to, replacements of, or modifications of, the client’s chosen residential unit’s standard design.

Client customisations may involve, for example, the replacement of plumbing fixtures in the bathroom, adjustments to wiring and electrical installations or different surface finishes and furnishings (e.g. different tiling in the bathroom and/or lavatory, different flooring in other rooms, different entry and interior doors, different furnishings and taps, etc.).

Our client centre has on display both the standard and above-standard interior finishing alternatives. More demanding clients can visit our partner suppliers’ showrooms where trained representatives will assist them with selecting products meeting their criteria. This provides clients with an opportunity to select, view and test materials and products.

The extent and forms of client customisations must be discussed with a customisations manager by a specified date. In collaboration with the client, the customisations manager will create a list of agreed customisations, establish the additional cost and conclude a corresponding annex to the preliminary contract. The client will then need to pay the corresponding surcharge by the date specified before they can look forward to moving into their new flat matching their requirements. The corresponding cost of the changes requested must be paid prior to the issuing of an order to implement the agreed modifications and the subsequent realisation of such modifications. The date by which such a payment is due will be specified in the corresponding contract annex.


ST –  standard, a choice of two predefined basic standards and specifications at no additional cost

  • Standard 1 - Nature / Nature Patchwork
  • Standard 2Tobaco / Tobaco Patchwork

KZ 1 – replacement of colours, materials and furnishing items with a different showroom selection alternating from the defined standards and above-standard designs

No additional cost:

  • Custom combinations of the Nature, Nature Patchwork, Tobacco and Tobacco Patchwork designs

Subject to additional cost:

  • Class III safety door
  • Type and surface finish of interior doors, rabbetless design, substitution of door models
  • Switching of door direction of travel (right/left) with no interference with electrical wiring
  • Interior door fittings
  • Wooden or vinyl floors
  • Wall and floor tiling
  • Plumbing fixtures and taps
  • Bathroom furniture

KZ 2 - replacement of colours, materials and furnishing items with a different showroom selection + modification of electrical wiring and installations (changes to project documentation required)

  • Different types of interior doors and/or fittings
  • Different types of floors
  • Different types of wall and floor tilings
  • Different types of plumbing fixtures and taps
  • Changes to electrical wiring and/or installations (different locations and/or additional wall sockets, switches and light fixtures wiring)
  • Specification of plumbing and wiring for kitchen units

KZ 3 - KZ 2 + layout modifications affecting non-loadbearing structures if approved by the investor – information available upon request (changes to project documentation required)

  • Layout officiations within the residential unit, for applicability see above (shifting, extending or shortening of partition walls, changes to structural openings)
  • Bathroom/lavatory layout modifications (changes to positions of plumbing fixtures and/or support masonry)
  • Changes to installations (plumbing, wiring, air-conditioning, central heating) as a result of layout modifications
  • Plasterboard ceilings