ST: standard, a selection of four predefined basic standards at no additional cost

  • Standard 1 - Node
  • Standard 2 - Only
  • Standard 3 - Dune
  • Standard 4 - Easy

KZ 1 – substitution of colours, materials and furnishing items with others from the defined standard and above-standard designs

No additional cost:

  • Custom combinations of the Node, Only, Dune or Easy standard designs

Subject to additional cost:

  • safety door
  • type and surface finish of interior doors, rabbet-less design with concealed jambs, change of door orientation or switching of door direction of travel (right/left), substitution of door models
  • interior door fittings
  • laminated or vinyl floors
  • wall and floor tiling
  • plumbing fixtures and taps
  • bathroom furniture

KZ 2 – KZ 1 + replacement of colours, materials and furnishing items with a different showroom selection + modification of electrical wiring and installations (changes to project documentation required)

  • different types of entrance door
  • different types of interior doors and/or fittings
  • different types of floors
  • different types of wall and floor tiling
  • different types of plumbing fixtures and taps
  • changes to electrical wiring and/or installations (different locations and/or additional wall sockets, switches and light fixture wiring)
  • specification of plumbing and wiring for kitchen units

KZ 3 – KZ 1 + KZ 2 + layout modifications affecting non-loadbearing structures (changes to project documentation required)

  • layout officiations within the residential unit – shifting, extending or shortening of partition walls, changes to structural openings
  • bathroom/lavatory layout modifications
  • changes to installations (plumbing, wiring, air-conditioning, central heating) as a result of layout modifications
  • ceilings