The Park in Březiněves will be completely revitalized


Březiněves, 20 September 2022 - The complete revitalization of the park on the square near the playground was symbolically opened today by the Mayor of the Prague-Březiněves Municipality Jiří Haramul and the Director of the Sales Department of CPI Rezidence Milena Zavadilová. The new park will become a green oasis for locals and will offer a central resting place with a pair of dining tables and benches for better community gatherings. It will be ready later this year.

The park, bounded by Na Poli, Mikanových, Johanitská and Skřivánčí streets, is only partially functional today. "The inhabitants of Březiněvsi wanted to create a place where they can relax, meet and which will add a unique charm to the village," says the village mayor Jiří Haramul, who regularly holds meetings with local residents to discuss not only life in the district but also ideas for improvement. "Thanks to the friendly cooperation with CPI Property Group, we found common ground very quickly and today I am happy to announce that the revitalisation of the park has begun," the mayor says with pleasure, adding: "I am confident that the park will now truly serve the residents of Březiněves as it should."

In recent years, CPI Property Group has successfully completed the construction of 115 family homes in Březiněvsi, including a popular playground and adjacent park. "It was only the natural use of the public space by local residents that showed us what modifications the park deserved to undergo to maximise its use and fulfil its role. I appreciate the fact that the mayor was able to collect these suggestions from local residents and come to us with them," says Milena Zavadilová, director of the sales department at CPI Rezidence, adding: "I am convinced that once the work is completed, the park will finally be used by locals for neighbourhood gatherings and for parents who spend time with their children in the playground," says Zavadilova.

The architectural design was created by Atelier Flera. The park is conceived as a green oasis with mature native trees, native shrub plantings and wild perennial beds. A central resting area with a pair of dining tables and benches will be available for gatherings of Brezina residents. "We wanted the park to be an oasis of relaxation, also with the safety of the youngest visitors in mind. In the quieter parts under the treetops, citizens will find comfortable benches with backs and a wooden pier ideal for sitting or lying down," explains the concept of the studio's chief architect Ing. Ferdinand Leffler. The park is interwoven with a network of natural clay paths that retain water as much as possible. In place of the main resting area with dining tables, the areas will be paved with granite blocks in a natural, beige-grey shade. A total of 6 large-rooted trees, dozens of shrubs and multi-stemmed trees, around 2,000 perennials and 1,000 bulbs will be planted. There will also be edible shrubs such as the fly agaric.

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