V Mezihoří

About project

This residential complex of three interconnected buildings offers a total of 142 apartments and was completed in 2013. Each flat has either a balcony or terrace, or in the case of those on the ground floor, a small garden. As a matter of course, each unit also comes with a parking space and basement storage cubicle.

The complex is located in an existing belt of greenery that links up with nearby Palmovka park. The architectural design of the complex makes ideal use of the location. There is an existing housing block along one side of the complex, while a hillside with grown trees surrounds the complex along the other three sides. This green envelope imbues the complex with a sense of security, privacy and harmony with nature.

The pleasant atmosphere throughout the address is further boosted by its south-facing courtyard, complete with water features, tidy greenery, a children’s play corner, a pergola and an outdoor kitchen with a barbeque available to the residence as a place to meet and relax. The semi-closed, U-shaped block that opens on its southern side on to the green hillside provides sufficient privacy for both the private gardens and the shared courtyard, designed as a relaxation zone.

  • total
    142 flats

  • 1kk - 4kk
    30 - 92 sqm

  • completed


Project V Mezihoří won Public Award in Realitní projekt roku 2013.

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