Why choose CPI residence?

With us, you are making a commitment with a reliable and responsible company, tradition and a seamless lifestyle.

  1. We are a solid and experienced company - we belong to the CPI Property Group and in 30 years on the real estate market we have completed many successful projects with hundreds of apartments and dozens of family houses. 
  2. We build in attractive locations - these are always associated with full-fledged civic amenities and opportunities for leisure activities, easy transport accessibility and proximity to nature. 
  3. Well-thought-out floor plans of apartments and houses - the layout of interior spaces is designed with the greatest care and emphasis on comfortable living with efficient use of space.
  4. Architect services and client changes - everyone has their own idea of the interior design of their home. With us, you can project it already at the project stage. As part of client changes, we will help you to customize the selected apartment or house according to your individual ideas.