Client changes

Everyone has their own idea about the interior design and layout of their new apartment or family home. You can manage this with us at the project stage.

How does it work

Upon the conclusion of a future purchase contract and after the first deposit on the purchase price, potential homeowners or family houses may undertake any client changes. A client change is a change, swap, or modification of a standard implementation.

Changes may concern the layout (e.g. changing the placement of the partition walls, moving doors, changing the type and placing of the bathroom equipment), modifying the wiring and, or changing the surfaces and equipment of the apartment or family home (e.g. tiling in the bathroom or wc, floors in other rooms, interior and entrance doors and fixtures etc.). We are able to accommodate any client changes unless they conflict with the terms of client changes or building regulations.

The client centre is presented with an apartment or house standard layout. For more discerning clients, trained contractors are prepared to select above-standard equipment in sample stores. Clients will be able to choose, view and test the materials themselves.

The condition for issuing the execution order and the implementation of any client change is payment.

Client Changes Service in Brief:

  • Initial consultation
  • Designing the right solution
  • Price offer
  • Realisation
  • Technical supervision during implementation